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Rochelle's Health & Wellness 
Has pampered thousands of satisfied customers
Since 1999.

Enjoy the comfort and serenity of double suites. Our soothing body wraps  will help smooth out, sagging skin,or dry skin. While improving the appearance of unwanted inches eliminating  2'to 17' inches in 30 minutes or less.
MOST POPLAR PRODUCT.....Youthin Weight Loss.  
Let us help you with your weight loss goals and desires. Loose inches,pounds,curve the appetite,burn fat and boost your metabolism with an all natural supplement & detoxifying tea. 

BEST SELLER.... Try our SKINNY TEA Flatten your tummy with our Detoxifying Cleansing Tea. 

This is great for constipation, bloating, gas, acid reflux, parasites, toxins, chemicals and bacteria. 

AWESOME PRODUCT....RHW Detoxifying Kit: 

Detoxifying Bath Salts 5 lbs, Sublingue Liquid Drops & Tea.
will allow the body to eliminate viruses, anti-viral, infections, auto-immune,viral, fungus, mold, warts, improve immune system,and detox cells . Great for chronic pain, stiffness, joint, muscle, back, knee, foot, neck pain,swelling, constipation, acid reflux, gas, bloating restore vitality. 
(All Natural Product).  

 Indulge In Any of the Spa Treatments
 Our Herbal Body Wraps
Help eliminate inches, cellulite, sagging skin & relieve stress.
(bring extra under garments)

Tummy Wraps 2-5"           20 minutes        $40.00           
  • Half Body Wraps 7-11"     30 minutes          $60.00
  • Full Body Wraps 5-17"      30 minutes         $70.00
Did you know we are suppose to general cleanse our bodies of toxins chemicals, bacteria,
parasites, process & fast food every year.
  • Youthin Weight Loss: Loose 7 to 11 lbs in 3 weeks 
  • All natural                                    $50.00

  • SKINNY TEAConstipation, gas, acid reflux,flatter stomach less love rolls. Great Taste!                                  $55.00
  • RHW Detox Kit: Detoxify your blood stream of anti-viral
              auto-immune & virus    Free Shipping 5-7 days           $125.00  

Refresh, Renew & Restore your skin less lines, wrinkles or dry skin
  • Peppermint Facial                20 minutes      $25.00
  • Nonsurgical Face Lift          45 minutes       $50.00          

 Spa Packages, Products, Promotions and Gift Certificates are available on our product page.  Please allow 5-7 days Shipping.
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