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Rochelle's Health & Wellness 
Look & Feel Good As GOLD with thousands of satisfied customers
Since 1999
                                        Indulge in any of our
             Shape Fit Products!

    ALL NEW Products!   Slimming Detox Belt, High Waist Shape Wear Under Garments & Upper Body Slimming Vest 

    Help eliminate inches, sagging skin, tighten stomach muscles & burn excess fat in your waist area. Comfortable fit can be worn under clothes or workout attire.  Light weight one size fit most.



    Did you know we are suppose to general cleanse our bodies of toxins chemicals, bacteria,
    parasites, process & fast food every year.
    • Youthin Weight Loss: Loose 7 to 11 lbs in 3 weeks with vitamins & one month tea.
    • All natural                                    $50.00

    • SKINNY TEAConstipation, gas, acid reflux, flatter stomach less love rolls. Great Taste! 6 weeks supply                $55.00

    Products, Promotions  are available on our product page.  Please allow USPS 5-7 days Shipping.
    Jill Scott
    living my life golden
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